Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Less OCD, More Whatever I Feel!

Oh man - I always told myself that if I ever took a hiatus from writing that I would never come back and say something like, 'Wow, I have been so busy! I apologize for not being around and writing.'

So here I am, and I'm just going to write as if I haven't been gone. Cool?
Running lately. Notice I haven't changed my mileage counter? I promise that I've run more than 17.4 miles this month. But to be honest, for the first time since I started running, I'm not sure exactly how many miles I've covered this month. I said that I was going to take some time off of running after the Shamrock Run, but then I got excited and decided not to, but my mind and body took me somewhere else.

I'm still running 3-5 times a week but it has been shorter on mostly on my treadmill, which I've strangely enjoyed! I've started listening to music again which I haven't since the Eugene marathon two years ago, and hate carrying my phone when I run, so the treadmill it is.

My friend Jen asked me what my long run was two weekends ago and I told her it was whatever I wanted because I wasn't training for anything, her response? 'Really? Weird.'

For the first time since I started running, I'm not training for anything. That's four years of analyzing my schedule, going to be early, being really sweaty all of the time, ice baths, tracking data, adding miles, body gliding, chaffe burning in the shower..... and now... I'm making whatever choices I want. If I sleep in before work, I don't have to beat myself up and try to figure out a way to fit in my workout for the night. I can do whatever my body feels, run hard, run easy, intervals, mile repeats, 400s, planks, walks. It is liberating in a way. 
Running Bridge to Brews with Jill!
I'm still working out 5-6 days a week and feel strong. I know that I may lost some endurance, but my strength will still be around when I get back into the game. I've been doing other fun things that count as working out - like rock climbing!
And playing basketball...
I am running the Portland Rock 'n' Roll half marathon on May 18th - and would really like to get in a longer run before then. But I'm not worried if I don't. I have no intention of 'racing' that day - but am just going to soak in the fun and environment of all the running community in Portland brings.

We will see where all of this takes me.

PS Loved watching Boston! Sad Shalane didn't get first but LOVE her new PR and she truly kicked ass. Also LOVE that Meb killed it! I feel even cooler since I've met him in real life!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Think Out Loud Thursday #7

If I like to add extra chocolate chips on top of my cookie while I eat it, why don't I just bake them inside?

Where are Portland's amazing dance clubs? Vegas has ruined me. I just want to shake it to a good beat.

Why do I seem to weigh less/be more muscly when I run less? 30-40 miles looks much better on me than 50-60 miles.

So when I just got my hair done, I put purple in it. Only like two people noticed. But I think its the coolest ever. Sad that it is already fading a bit. 

I'm nervous for my 20 mile trail race. I haven't run 20 miles in forever. It used to be old hat. 

Does anyone actually say '1-4-3' instead of 'I love you'?

I can't believe that I missed the registration to the Newport Marathon! ACK! I emailed the race directors to see if there was anyway to still get in… doubtful. I'm LAME!

I trying to practice making gravy. I've made three attempts, but none of them have been absolutely spectacular. Any tips?

Paying a mortgage stinks. Sometimes I wonder if it would be more beneficial to pay less and rent something smaller. Thoughts? 

Um… its April all ready. This means that there are only 2.5 months left of school! It is going to FLY by. Eeeeek.

What are you thinking about today?