Thursday, January 22, 2015

Think Out Loud Thursday #12

Tuesday: 4 miles with intervals
Wednesday: Off
 Lately I feel like every time I turn on the radio all of my SIX preset stations are on commercial breaks. How does this happen?

I've been thinking about body fat and composition lately, anyone have any good resources I could study up with?

I really enjoy making 'gum cubes'. This is where I turn my finished flavorless gum into a perfect cube. Then I put it somewhere random, but safe where no one will step/sit on it etc. Like a tree branch or the edge of garbage can in a middle school gym.
 One of my students needs some encouraging and incentive to show positive behavior - he is very obsessed with time travel right now, so I brought my/Hermione Granger's Time Turner from the Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban to show him if he has a great day today!

Tonight I'm making salmon for dinner... which I haven't had in forever! With asparagus that is topped with an over easy egg.... so excited! It is going to be so delicious.

I love seeing all of the Instagram posts about people doing the whole 30. The food always looks good, and it makes me feel good that they are meals that I eat all the time!

I've been working on trying not to snack extra at work... it was hard at first... but it is getting easier and easier the more I do it.

This year I had a goal of drinking more water... I am peeing so often now. I really hate that. peeing is so annoying.

This week I went to both Target and Fred Meyer to buy a planner... Target had ZERO left, and Fred Meyer only had ugly ones. So its plain and ugly, but I can at least get OCD about my days, weeks and months!

What are your random thoughts for today?!
What are you having for dinner?
Are you keeping up on your goals for 2015?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Chest & Back Weight Routine

Friday: 2 miles + Leg Day
Saturday: 6 muddy, hilly trail miles 
Sunday: 4.2 miles + 5 min plank

I promised that I would share each of the weight workouts that Jon and I have been doing together at the gym and I've been asked about it since that promise - so here is the first one. 

We do chest and back on most Tuesdays and Saturdays. If something in our schedule changes we're flexible, like this weekend I ran with some girlfriends on the wildwood trail while Jon worked on some music instead.

Chest and Back Day

Before we begin any weight lifting, Jon and I make sure to warm up. Our chest and back routine is not a long one so I make sure to get in about 3 miles to warm up. While I run on the treadmill Jon plays pick up basketball games or shoots around in the gym. Recently I ran 2 miles before and 2 miles after our routine, which I liked and we might do more often.

 Pull ups: 

Over summer I started to practice my pull ups and was super proud of my progress. When Jon and I started doing this workout together he helped me improve my pull up so that it was a 'real one'. Since summer I've bee doing full body weight pull ups, but now I lower my body all the way down until I'm hanging loose before I pull back up. This makes them harder and 5 in a row is a lot. Especially when we get to the last two sets! If you are just starting out, you may not be able to do full body weight pull ups, and there are assistance machines at the gym that help relieve some of your body weight.

Ab Workouts:

I like to always stick some core work into each work out. I don't know if it is a dancers habit that my core needs to stay strong or the fact that I wear crop tops while out dancing - but I like my ab work. We try out a ton of different ab moves which is why I couldn't put anything specific in there. We mix this up with different moves from P90X (which Jon used to do and love) to stuff that we made up on our own to challenge ourselves.

Weighted Moves:

The part about lifting weights for me that was the hardest when getting started was how much weight I should be lifting. I still want to do more research but I'm trying to figure out if higher weight and average reps, like 10 is more beneficial for me or lower weight and more repetitions, like 15. My mind set right now is to try to do more reps. I pick a weight and give it a try and just tell myself that if I can't do it, then I'll go down. If something feels too easy, then I'll add a couple reps or go up a little in weight. Doing more than 15-20 reps is boring for me. So if there isn't the feeling of challenge around rep 10-13 then I usually decide to go up in weight. This is definitely an area that I am learning more about, and I think more experience will help me.

Can you tell why I LOVE to go to the gym with him?
Even though this workout is a 'chest and back' workout, I always feel it in my arms and shoulders too. It really works my whole upper body. I have really grown to love doing this workout, as it was definitely NOT my favorite one to begin with!

What are your favorite chest or back workouts? 
What should I do in our next routine?