Sunday, May 27, 2012

Non-Long Run & it's Gear

Workout: 5.1 miles

Today was the perfect day for a long run. The weather was just cool enough, the sky was overcast so there was no fear of hot sun or need for sunglasses or a hat to mess with. I even had all of my long run gear ready to go. Brewtus wanted to come with too!

But-- sometimes the stars or in my case clouds -- do not align for a perfect running day. I started out not feeling 100% ready mentally for some reason. I turned on my music after the first mile and began to feel better.

Not long after my body started to feel funny and weird. This has happened to me once before. I was training for last years VancouverUSA Marathon and was scheduled a 14 mile run with my running group - Get Fit Live Fit. Now that I think back, it was on the same route that I ran today. I began getting the feeling that I was dizzy and shaky. Like I hadn't eaten, even though I had. Before I thought I was getting the feeling because I was trying a drink that had caffeine in it. It did feel similar to being overloaded on caffeine. I ended up run/walking back after forcing myself to continue onto the 6.5 mile mark.

I HATED that run. I still look back to it and think that was the worst I have ever felt, rivaled only by the later miles at Carslbad. Whenever I think that I am having a bad run I look back to that one and know that it can get worse... today my vision was it can get worse... it might become that again. I stopped to do all of this reassessing and decided to head back to my car.

On the run back to my car I felt like my swollen (felt that way) and lead filled legs were working pretty hard to keep my 8'40" pace. BLECK! I immediately popped a nuun into my water bottle and drank that up while relaxing in my seat.

I tried my best not to feel down... but once I got home and saw Austin, I realized how worried I was about VancouverUSA. I secretly wished he was out running an errand and wouldn't seem me arrive home 2 hours too early. He hugged me and a lump caught in my throat. Was I going to be able to run the full? I have no doubt that I have enough fitness to do the half, but the full? I should and do feel thankful that I could run a half no problem when I feel that I have lost fitness, but I still had that larger goal.

Austin ran me a bubble bath and helped me make a comforting scrambled egg and cucumber sandwich.
While the bath was filling I looked back through my runner's world that helped me plan my schedule for Eugene.  I re-sketched out my running plan and reflected on my running of recent and pre-Eugene and started to feel much better.

Here is what I have come up with:
Recent Mistakes:

  • Not resting directly after Eugene - should have waited a week and picked up on my routine. 
  • Not sticking to a good weekday run schedule post Eugene - I know I work better with a schedule.
  • Lowering my strength training
  • Less stretching & rolling in the past few weeks than I should have been doing.


  • Though the time frame is short - there is still time
  • I have accomplished a lot and know that my body can work hard
  • I have re-written an organized schedule to follow
  • My next marathon is not until October so I will be able to allow my body a break
  • I have found that the higher mileage training really works for me. 
  • I'm lucky to have one more day off to conquer my LR tomorrow instead of today
With some rest and the fabulous encouragement from Austin I am ready to tackle my long run tomorrow morning - first thing. 

Here is my schedule for the remainder of training time until the big day/birthday!