Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Waterfalls and Wildflowers

Tuesday's Workout: 7.1 mile trail run + .9 mile hike up + .9 mile hike down
Today's Workout: 5 mile trail run

Monday night Kara text me asking if I wanted to run at Tryon State Park Tuesday morning - since I had only run on their paved trail I quickly said yes! A little later we realized that being teachers and having summer off we had all day to do what we wanted and didn't need to stick to a trail closer to home. So when Kara asked if I would like to drive out to Ramona Falls for a run instead, I answered with an even quicker yes please!

We drove the almost 1.5 hours out to Mt. Hood and prepared for a beautiful warm weather run to see some beautiful sights! We started off on a trail that ran along the Sandy River. We stopped often to dip our hands in the super cool glacial water and cover our faces in it. 
The balloon loop was 7.1 miles long with the first half all at a gradual incline while the second half came down the back side. There was some awesome sights of the river and of course of Mt. Hood.
 The half way mark was definitely the best though! As we got closer to the falls the air became a little cooler and we started to hear the rushing waters. Then we rounded the corners and could almost make out the fall through the trees. I felt like a kid, so excited to run up to the water to touch it and let the mist fall on my face!
 Kara and I sat and enjoyed the view as we ate a little snack. By now it was already lunch time. I didn't want to ever leave. The cool misty air felt fabulous and the sound of the rushing water was so magnificent.
 We had a friendly hiker take a picture of the two of us and then figured it was time to head back to the trailhead.
 Because the day was so beautiful and we were so happy with our first trail run and didn't want to head home quite yet so we went to another trail that Kara knew about that had beautiful views and wildflowers blooming! The windy roads made me a tiny bit stomach sick so we just hiked the .9 miles to the view point to try to let my stomach settle.
 I loved all of the beautiful colors that were out and about on the mountainside. There were so many different types of flowers! Beyond the loveliness of the wildflowers there was an even closer fantastic view of Mt. Hood.
 It was such a great day out and about adventuring! With sites like these I am not sure if I will ever run on pavement again! In fact I have been searching some long trail runs to enter into - a 50k might be in my not so distant future!
Happy Wednesday!

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