Thursday, August 9, 2012

Delicious Giveaway!

Workout: 4.25 miles with Allison

I was super excited when Cheribundi approached me to review a product and host a giveaway on my blog! I had tried their product before as a free sample that I picked up at the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in May and I really liked it, so I was super excited when they sent me a whole box with all of their flavors inside!
The nutrition stats for each drink are fantastic! They have a ton of vitamins and no or very low fat! They are a perfect drink for your body, muscles and taste buds!

I started by tasting the Skinny Cherry. I was intrigued by the idea of the drink being "skinny" it has less calories than the rest of the drinks with only 90 and is made up of 40 cherries! It is a mix of tart cherries and apple juice sweetened a little extra with some all natural stevia. Thats it - no other ingredients!
 I liked Skinny Cherry because it had a not too tart mellow flavor and was a light drink. Perfect for summer.

The next juices that I tried were the flavored ones. Cheribundi makes a Ginger Cherry and a Cacao Cherry. I liked the first juice so much that I was not sure if it could get better, but if you like chocolate and fruit or ginger at all you would love these two drinks.
 The Cacao Cherry is made up of 50 cherries and has 160 calories. Like the Skinny Cherry it has the cherries and apple juice but has added in some cacao powder! The chocolate flavor was more prominent than I thought it would be making this drink almost like a dessert!

My first thought when drinking the ginger cherry was that it seemed the opposite of a dessert but more savory and that I wondered if I could cook with it. It seriously tastes like it would be a delicious glaze for some chicken or even be part of a dressing for a Mediterranean salad with quinoa or something! Mmm. The ginger flavor was pretty prominent, so if you are not a ginger fan, this wouldn't be for you. It has 130 calories. 

My favorite flavors of all though were the Whey Cherry and the Tru Cherry. I had the Whey Cherry before and knew that I loved it but this was my first taste of Tru Cherry. 

Tru Cherry was very similar to Skinny but with a little bit of a brighter flavor. It also has more calories - but only coming in for a count of 130 like the Ginger Cherry. It is made out of 50 cherries!
The Whey Cherry is the thickest of the drinks - not protein shake thick, but you can tell the difference from the other drinks. I love the texture of this one. I also think that compared to the other flavors, and much like Tru that it has the brightest flavor of cherries than the others which I love. I snack on tart dried cherries all of the time. 

I used the Whey Cherry for a recovery drink after a long run and after a hard workout and it felt incredibly refreshing both times! I really enjoyed every drop. It was an easy recovery drink because it was light and not super thick. It was also perfect for summer because it had a fruity flavor instead of a heavy chocolate or vanilla.
 I wish that the Whey Cherry came in a large 32 oz bottle because I would buy it. 

Each of these drinks was super refreshing on ice.. but I decided to take it a little bit further with the Try Cherry and make a dessert out of it - now if this isn't the best athletes dessert than I don't know what is.
 It was tart, sweet and super creamy. I loved it!
With the drinks the company sent me some information showing the tart cherry juice can help you to get a better nights sleep and also recover your muscles (hello active people of the world!)! It can also fight heart disease! Each bottle gives you Vitamins A & C plus Calcium and Iron. I know all the ladies who are active need to keep up on their Iron intake.

For more information on Cheribundi and how wonderfully helpful it is to you check out their facebook page.

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I will pick the winner by random on August 15th!