Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fulfilling Weekend & Next Weeks Menu

Saturday: 17.8 miles 2 hours 30 mins

I can't believe that it is already Sunday. Why do these weekends go by so quickly. I could really use one more day, or two, ok - I'm ready for Spring Break to be here.

Austin was in St. Louis for work all week and got trapped there longer than planned with the snow - so I was happy to great him late Friday night as he finally made it home!

Saturday's long run consisted of my favorite new running shirt and a new path.
 To meet up with the team I drove over the might Columbia River into Vancouver WA to run 18 miles. We followed the Discovery Trail a lot of the way. I had heard of this trail but never run it and was happy to have the chance. It is a smooth asphalt path that goes on for miles and miles over rolling terrain. It was great strength practice to get in those hills while running long. I powered up the last hill too because I realized that Vancouver BMO ends with a hill. I really need to practice staying strong as I go up them. It has been forever since I have run 18 miles and I assumed that it was going to go horribly, but it was a fantastic run.

 Afterward I had lunch with some Team people then headed home to get ready to go to another fundraiser. My best friend Dee came up and I forced her to come out and taste wine and chocolate with me, even though she had an anesthesia board exam for dental hygiene this morning that she had to wake up for. (I promise you she is responsible and didn't drink too much!)
Look at me - not in dry-fit clothes!
Since we were downtown we did the thing that I LOVE to do whenever we are there. Eat some Salt and Straw Ice Cream. It was delicious as always. Their Olive Oil ice cream is fantastic!

 Today I am figuring out what things that we are going to have this week so that I can do a Sunday Set Up. I haven't done one in the past couple of weeks and have been feeling the time crunch and stress during the week. I think that I have not been feeling very inspired in the kitchen so my meals are getting repetitive. I need to get out of my rut with some new ideas - if you have any write them in the comments!

Sunday Set Up:

Breakfast for the Week

Breakfast Bakes/homemade premade burritos

Lunches and Dinners for the Week

(I always just pack leftovers for lunch - if not than I make a turkey sandwich)
Sunday - Spicy Stewed Chicken and polenta adapted from this girls recipe
Monday - Sweet Potato Chickpea Curry with quinoa
Tuesdays - Leftovers
Wednesday - Potato and Cauliflower Soup with Grilled Cheese
Thursday - Tuna Noodle Casserole?
Friday - leftovers/out


Pretzels and Cheese Sticks
Hard Boiled Eggs

Do you plan your week ahead in meals? 
What snacks do you pack/eat?
What fun events did you have this weekend?