Monday, February 25, 2013

Gear: Marathon Monday

Sunday: 3.5 miles with strides + circuit weight routine

Running is a relatively inexpensive sport - but there is certain gear that you HAVE to get and that you have to INVEST in. The first thing that many of us think of - is shoes. Yes, shoes are so important. You can check out my post here where I interviewed Sarah of Portland Running Company about buying the right shoe for you. 

Aside of shoes the next most important thing I can think of is a good sports bra. Now - I have bought a few good sports bras - but after I lost weight while running (10lbs or so) I didn't think about how my sports bra wasn't actually able to do its job correctly since my body had changed. I ended up with problems like this:
Yes - that is blood - I chaffed so bad under my sports bra that I bled through to my shirt. I was pretty embarrassed when I got to the water station on our Team in Training long run and Captain Mike said "Are you ok?" It was painful - but what else could I do but continue on? 

Even Kara Goucher says how important a good sports bra is:
From her book: Running for Women
I was fitted not too long ago but had not yet bought the correct fitting sports bra - they are not cheap. But after making my pretty white shirt pink - Austin said that I had to go and get a new one.

I soaked up my shirt to get the blood out and headed to PRC to pick up the sports bra that was recommended to me. It is called the Rebound Racer.
I have fantastic photo/modeling skills - your welcome.

I have run in it the last four days in a row - sad and gross I know - but I have NEVER felt something so comfortable. If you have NOT been fitted for your sports bra go do it ASAP. It is an important investment in yourself. I've had not a single issue for any of the almost 50 miles in 4 runs that I have put on it. I need to go and get a second one right away so that I don't have to be so stinky all of the time - because I don't think that I can go back to any of my old sports bras.

I love that it is racer back style - a few of my sports bras are shaped like a regular bra with the dual straps and they don't go under all running tops. The color is bright and fun, too. Another big sell for me on Moving Comfort is that a lot of their bras have adjustable straps. I have a very short chest (is that a real thing) so often times straps are too long and don't provide support. Being able to adjust the straps is key for me. Did you know that for the clasp on the back you are only supposed to clip it on the middle clip? I've always done the tightest one - if you can that means that your size is too large. 

Thank you Moving Comfort for being geniuses in your design and recommending ability!

What is your favorite sports bra? 
Do you swear by yours, or can you wear anything?