Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Long Weekend & My Complaint

Tuesday: 4 miles

The month of November is a crazy one in my school district - we have sooo many days off of school! Well the kids have a ton of days off, I have a few less than them.

Because we had conferences last week the kids were out of school Wednesday - Tuesday of this week! That is 6 days! I had off Friday - Monday, so I guess I'm not complaining…. well except for one thing…

On my days off of school my most favorite thing in the world is that I get to go running and not be in a hurry in the morning. I truly hated that I wasn't able to run because I have been letting my foot rest. I know that it was smart, so I made myself do it. But not running makes me crabby… and it makes me feel like I have a lot of spare time. I did some weights and strength stuff… but it isn't the same.

So in an attempt to keep myself from getting too crabby on Friday when I couldn't go for a run.. I ran errands… Then I did things about the house to keep me busy. Like make art, frame art, hang art, create fake flower arrangements…. Brewtus loves my new reading nook.
Then because I realized that that wasn't going to keep me from going crazy I bought a bike pump, pumped up my tires and headed out on my Mingo for a 14 mile bike ride. I really enjoyed it, but wish that there was a bike path that I could ride on instead of the road…

Saturday through Monday Austin and I went to the coast to hang out with Dee and Kyle! They recently moved to Florence so it was fun for us to go and check out their new house.
Since they have lived at the coast Kyle and Dee have been able to go crabbing a lot so we decided to go and show Austin how it was. He had never been before.. and with his beginners luck he pulled up the only keeper crab. We took it home and cooked it up and let him eat it (well the majority of it).
Monday evening we got together with Austin's parents to take them out for their birthdays that are both this week. We also saluted all of the veterans who have served to give us the freedom we have to go and celebrate our birthdays… or complain about not running.
Even though I had to take the time off of running. I was super glad that I was able to spend a lot of time with my friends and family! And the time off paid off because I was able to run 4 miles tonight after work. YAY! I can't wait to get back in shape… 9 days away is a lot!

Do you get cranky when you can't get in a workout? 
Have you ever been crabbing?