Friday, February 14, 2014

Fitness Apps I Use

Thursday:6.1 very easy miles
Friday: 5 miles [intervals w/squats, push ups & planks]

Happy Valentine's Day!

There are a zillion fitness apps out and about - just like a gave you some recommended running blogs to read - I wanted to recommend some fitness apps so that you didn't have to sort through all of them on your own.

You are welcome.
One that I use often is my Interval Timer. I can program it to give me what ever amount of work and rest that I want, with however many sets as I would like. I use this every week.
Training Peaks is great for quickly uploading and saving all of my workout history. From running, to biking, strength workouts etc. It tracks it all! When you log into the web site you can also enter in which shoes you were wearing and it will track the mileage for them!

Charity Miles is a great app for running. I don't ever run with my phone but if I have to or need to for some reason I turn it on. You can choose a charity that will receive a small amount per mile.
Bowflex Select Tech App with strength workouts. It is nice to not have to think about what moves I need to do for however long... instead I can just start a chosen workout on the app and follow.
I hope that these are useful recommendations to someone out there!

What is your favorite app? 
What should I know about and be using?