Saturday, February 22, 2014

#RunLove: Back into Run Training

I started January very determined to get going with my running and get my mileage in. I ran through horrible conditions with rain storms and perservered through below freezing temps. During January I changed around my schedule for the year and pushed back my first marathon a couple of months, and then I got sick. I took some time off and just ran easy and rested when I needed to.

Then as I was on the mend from being sick I wanted to get back into running - and just for fun. Abandon my training schedule and just put in some miles. I wanted to LOVE my run. I knew that this would warm me up to get back into my training schedule and get some purposeful miles in. And it worked. The surprise was that I ended up doing a TON of running on the treadmill, and enjoyed it! I had forgotten how much I like running with music, but think it is safer to do it on the treadmill than on the street. I haven't run with music in two years!
treadmill running
After about 3 weeks of easier running through my sickness and our 7+ inches of snow my body was itching to get back into putting in some harder and more meaningful miles. I started with getting in some miles and strides before the Heartbreaker Half and then took off from there with the confidence that the run gave me. This week has been great in terms of workouts.

Sunday: Heartbreaker Half Marathon 1:38:08
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 8X2 min @ 5k pace w/1 min easy = 7.5 miles
Wednesday: 6 am miles + 5 pm miles = 11 miles
Thursday: 6 am miles (3 out, 3 back harder) + 2.9 pm miles = 8.9 miles
Friday: 3.4 easy am run w/Austin + 3 mile pm walk = 3.4 running miles

I've also decided to work on my core a little more and have been doing planks often.
So what is on the plan for Saturday? I'm going to use my motivation to do a big hill run I have scheduled.

I love that running can not only be my therapy when I need it. But that it can.. build confidence.. keep me healthy.. make me strong.. motivate me to keep going.. give me a challenge.. make me succeed.


What do you love about running the most?
What are you doing today?