Sunday, March 9, 2014


Saturday: 6.5 mile hill workout
Sunday: Rest

I'm not currently fundraising with the Team in Training but that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy some of the great fundraising events that are happening. I'd been looking forward to the TnT Prom since the amazing Noelle began talking about planning it months ago. It finally happened this weekend!

Noelle is an incredible party planner and wonderful at executing her plan. She found a venue, DJ, helping hands, created a prom court and raised an incredible total to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
I only ever went to my senior prom so it was fun to get dressed up, see a ton of friends, and dance the night away for a great cause. I borrowed the dress from the 'pageant closet.' My good friend was a pageant queen (on the road to Miss America) and is now on the board of the local pageant so she has access to a ton of fun dresses. I got a zillion compliments on it.
I gathered up a group of friends and we all headed out for a night of fun and dancing.
It was also fun to share a prom with Austin since we didn't know each other in high school. He brought me a corsage when he picked me up and everything. One of my favorite TnT couples, Joe & Skye, went to prom together and brought their professional picture with them - and Skye was even wearing her same prom dress from that picture! Incredible. 

I'm trying to go for a dancing streak, I'm on three weekends in a row. If we go out for St. Patty's day this weekend, then add on Vegas it will be 5 weekends in a row. Then I'm sure my feet will need some rest.

You can see my journey with Team in Training here. I've loved running and training with the team and have made incredible friends. I can't wait until my next season with the team.

What was your prom like? 
How many proms did you attend?