Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Song of the Year!

Monday: 7.25 PM (post meal) miles. 3 X[3min hard/1 easy, 2, 1]
Tuesday: 3 AM miles + 2 X[20 butterfly V ups + 10 ea tricep + 20 plank dumbbell row + obliques]

(Check it out - accountability again!!)

I recently started listening to music while running again. I stopped on this day after the Eugene Marathon. I've been thinking a lot about music since I started using it as run motivation again. I realized that it is more than run motivation.

Many people, myself included, have a strong pull toward music. You can use it to encourage yourself, comfort yourself, excite yourself, to bring back memories... there are so many ways to relate to music.

Growing up and all the way through college I think that I could really relate to Incubus' Make Yourself album, specifically the title track - Make Yourself. I'm not even sure when I first heard it, but I knew that I could relate to the fact that I was in charge of my own outcome.
The last couple of years with things going crazy with trying to stay employed each year as a teacher when there were no jobs, creating a home, and just trying to stay on top of things my song was Float On by Modest Mouse. I LOVE this song. It really goes with my Keep Moving Forward motto. Also a great long slow run song!
This year my song is David Guetta's  Play Hard. We all work so hard with everything that we do that we deserve to spend time doing things that are fun for us and make us happy. This comes on during most all of my intervals/speed work that I do. I love my club Pandora station!

I know for me I was so incredibly focused on trying to be successful in all aspects of life according to what the world says successful is. This year I've been focusing on doing what I want my life to be like according to how I feel and what is inside of me.

Do you relate to music?
What is your song of the year?
What do you listen to when you work out?